Ideas For Making Extra Money

I’m a stay-at-home mom to two very busy teenagers and absolutely love the fact that this is where life has me right now.  Problem is, kids are expensive and it seems the older they get, the more extra money I could use to pay for it all!

I would love to find a part-time job where I could walk in and say, “can I work weekdays only, 7 am- 2 pm?   No weekends and on occasion, I need to take a few days off for travel, my son’s fishing tournaments and my daughter’s horse show’s.  And please, know, I really want to work here.”

Yeah….welcome to my search for a part time job and the complete disappointment that this schedule is very hard, even maybe impossible, to find.

True to my nature, if I can’t find it, I create it.  I’ve started personal assistant services, dog sitting businesses, and freelanced as a yoga teacher.  I’ve done my fair share of making it happen but my best success has been with blogging.  Not only has it given me great experiences but it’s also brought in the few extra dollars I’ve searched for to help out with my teenagers expenses.

I understand the feeling of wondering if you’ll ever find the perfect part-time job that fits YOUR mom schedule.  The frustration of applying for jobs your under qualified for just because your willing to work the hours for the money.  And then, how many times have you been offered a job only to be told the schedule is completely different than what was advertised when you applied.  THIS is why I blog!

If you’re looking for real ways to make a few extra bucks, my goal is to help you find opportunities that fit into your life.  An if you can’t find them, make them!

Below is a list of great ways that you can make extra money.

Be sure to send me a comment below if you’ve had you’re own success or if you have questions.  I’m always happy to help out and LOVE hear about other people’s success!


1.  Write and self publish your story!

This can easily be done through Createspace, an Amazon company!  I published my book, Wisdom And Grace.  Writing it was the hard part, publishing was simple.  Createspace does a great job of walking you through the process.

2.  Start a Blog.

Click on the “Start A Blog” tab up top for easy instructions on how you can start your own blog!

3.  Answer Surveys

Here are a few companies I recommend.  They are all free to join.  Be sure to get in the habit of checking them daily in order to increase your earnings.

American Consumer Opinion


Survey Junkie

Product Report Card

Survey Club,

Opinion Outpost,

Survey Spot



4.  Smart Phone Apps

Dosh ~  Cash back, AUTOMATICALLY!


Achievement:  Earn money when you’re outside being active!

iBotta ~


5.  Gig Jobs

Instacart ~ become and Instacart Shopper, Get paid to shop!

Field Agent ~ Mobile research and audits…this is one of my favorites!  It’s great because I can accept jobs when I’m out and about.


6. Be a consultant!  Make your own schedule!

Stalla and Dot