When wearing YOUR wedding ring isn’t the best idea…

Tristan & Eve Titanium Wedding Band

As a blogger, a traveler and a busy mom, I sometimes end up in places where my wedding and engagement ring aren’t the most practical thing I’m wearing.  I even ended up trading them out one time for a conch shell ring I bought for 5 bucks in the Bahamas.

When asked to review Tristan & Eve’s Titanium Wdding Band, I thought, WOW!  Maybe that would be a great alternative to my expensive ring (the conch shell broke!)

I recieve my ring in the mail.  It fit perfectly to the size 7 I ordered. Arriving in a black satin bag, it felt like Christmas opening it!  It’s so pretty.  With 7 channel set, great quality, CZ stones, it sparkled as soon as it hit the light! Brushed grooves and raised ridges make it beautiful enough for a woman’s hand and masculine enough for a man’s.

Not only is it beautiful but it’s incredibly comfortable as well!  It’s so light, you almost forget you’re wearing it!

If you or your husband are looking for a new ring at a great price, I absolutely recommend this one!  You can’t go wrong.  It’s on sale right now on Amazon for $17.99, that’s a $21.01 savings!   And they’ve got a 12 month guarantee.  

If you see me out and about, make sure you take a peek, or even try it on!